Coconut & Rapeseed Wax

Discover beautifully scented hand-poured wax melts made from sustainable and vegan wax


Gorgeous luxury scented wax melts and stunning burners at such affordable prices. Also the best customer service ever.


Very friendly and professional service. I would highly recommend. Smell amazing too!!


These are the most gorgeous melts! I love how they are really unique and so much care and thought has been taken in to the design, scents and overall brand. Not only do I love these in my own home but they also make the most gorgeous gifts! Wax melts I have used previously have been one use, but these I can use over and over again before having to use a new melt. Everyone that comes in comments on how gorgeous the house smells when I have one going. The burners are also gorgeous and make lovely gifts. I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere else now for my melts. The sample boxes are great to see which scents are you favourite, although if you’re like me, you’ll end up loving them all!


Obsessed with these melts... they smell SO good and are so pretty!


These are the best wax melts ever! I’ve spent fortunes on candles and melts which all seem to have that ‘fake’ smell about them that’s gives us all a headache. Avenue30three melts smell so natural and clean, I’ve ordered loads, I’m completely addicted to them And of course supporting a small business is great recommend